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Lightmaker Burnout Paradise Website Designs

These website designs were produced during my three weeks work experience with Lightmaker, a professional design agency in Tunbridge Wells. The brief for these designs was one that was previously worked on by the designers at Lightmaker. It gave me a great opportunity to develop my fundamental design principals and explore current trends in layout and user functionality.

I have included two of my initial designs as well as the final design. The two designs to the left were produced with mobile and tablet functionality in mind however I eventually decided to create a different design that contained additional relevant information relating to the game.

The final design to the right features various additional elements such as social media integration, links to an online store and ad/marketing space. I chose a layout for this design that could be clearly navigated by the user. Navigation boxes and a ‘call to action’ carousel (located in the header) help distribute the product information in a consistent manner. The navigation boxes also prevent the user from having to scroll through pages and pages of miscellaneous text, articles and news updates.

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